The library holds a large number of class texts and textbooks, due to the generosity of previous students' donations. We cover a wide range of levels and subjects, including English, Asian history, biology, physics, political economy and statistics. 

You may not know that very often textbook publishers reissue textbooks every year with the exact same content. You can save your money and borrow your textbooks from us on long loans, or just come by to look at them before you buy them. 

Follow the links below to see what books we have for your subjects.


Accounting, Economics and Marketing:

ACCT1006 - Accounting & Financial Management

ECON1002 - Introductory Macroeconomics

MKTG1001 - Marketing Principles

MKTG2112 - Consumer Behaviour



CLAW1001 - Foundations of Business Law


English Literature:

ENGL1012 - The Gothic Imagination

ENGL2654 - Novel Worlds

ENGL3642 - Studies In Medieval Lit

ENGL6115 - Reading Suburbia


Languages and History:

ASNS2632 - Modern Japanese Social History

CHNS3601 - Chinese 3 Upper Intermediate


Gender Studies:

GCST2610 - Intimacy Love & Friendship


Science and Information Technology

BIOL1003 - Human Biology

INFO1103 - Introduction To Programming 


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